Image of the Month Photography Awards

I am delighted with this months Image of the Month photography awards results.  The 21st is a day I dread, as it is the day results are announced for the Guild of Photographers monthly image competition. The results are usually posted at about 1pm, and from a little while before that, photographers from all over the UK frantically refresh the webpage to see if the results are up. I try to avoid checking until I see that other people are posting about results, then I take a deep breath and log on to check. It is a roller coaster ride entering competitions, and results are often unexpected. I was out shopping today, when I saw people start to post their results. After that it became a tug of emotions! I was in the supermarket with my children, and was torn between checking the results on my phone, or remaining blissfully ignorant! Eventually curiosity got the better of me and a took a peak. I entered 3 images, and was very happy to have been awarded a bronze & 2 silver. Although I was a little disappointed (which I expected after last month’s gold award), I am very happy that my work is becoming more consistent and silver awards have become more common. I am concentrating on entering digital art at the moment and I am loving it.

These are my awarded images for this month 🙂



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