I am a professional photographer in Kent. Most of my adult life I have been overweight. I hate having my photograph taken, and have always avoided it where ever possible. As I’ve got older, I have come to realise that the only person who has a problem with the way I look is me! I’ve avoided situations where I might bump into people who I haven’t seen since putting on weight, worried that they will judge me. Then it struck me; do the people I knew 20 years ago really care if I’ve got big?  I don’t look at people I haven’t seen in a while and think, “wow, they got fat” or old or grey or anything else along those lines. I think “Wow, great to see you! How has life been treating you?” Their appearance is the last thing I think about, so why do I think people will think less of me because I have put on weight?  With this in mind, I decided to get in front of my own camera and take some photos which include me.  The video tells the rest of the story, so please watch it.  Everyone who is beautiful on the inside has a beauty that shines through beyond their weight or any other physical appearance, it is only a mean and hateful heart that makes someone ugly.

As a professional photographer in Kent, I take fine art portraits of people of all ages from newborn babies to adults, both in my studio or on location. Never think you are not good enough to have a photoshoot, you are, and your children deserve to look back at photographs of you. I have shied away from having my photo taken for far too long, but that is now changing. If you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful and my family is really pleased to finally have some photographs of me.

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