As well as children, I also photograph adults and I recently had the beautiful Evangelina in my studio.

Originally from the Philippines, Evangelyn is now living in Kent, so came to me for a portrait photography shoot at my studio near Maidstone.

She came with a variety of clothes so we could build different looks throughout the session.

We started with a pretty floral dress, and created some different effects by using a selection of the hats and scarves which I have in my studio.

I love using accessories to create a variety of styles based around the same dress or top. It is amazing how much the look of an outfit can change with embellishment. The feel of an image can be completely altered just by dressing an out outfit up or down. Add a smart hat to someone in a denim jacket and it immediately makes them look chic, but add a tatty old baseball cap, and the same outfit suddenly looks scruffy.  I love playing with this concept of adding trimmings to create a diverse range of looks and using my imagination to vary someone’s appearance in each image.

Which look do you like best with the floral dress?

Next we moved on to a simple black top. Plain dark colours are brilliant in the studio and I love working with them. Anything without patterns is great for accessorising, as there are no patterns to clash with anything and the plain fabric is a great canvas with which to work.

Black is great for adding bolder and brighter colours as an accent, and in Evangelyn’s session, I used a beautiful orange which looked stunning with her bronze skin and black hair. It gave a very warm, spicy and almost Eastern feel to the portraits.

Staying with the black top, I decided to juxtapose black & white to give a stark contrast, and with it we went for a more serious, regal look in a few of the images.

With Evangelyn’s amazing smile, we went back to that for a happy, but majestic image of her wearing the white crown. She looks splendid and very noble in the tall twig crown which I designed and made.

We next went for a softer look with a paler flowery dress and added a floral headpiece to give it a bohemian flavour.

Finally we went a little “risqué” using her beautiful long hair to maintain her modesty.

“Wow, I love all of them. Thank you so much. They are brilliant!!” – Evangelyn

You can see more of my images in my portfolio and I can provide classic style portraits or more serious fine art portraiture.

I also love newborns and themed sessions.

If you would like to find out about a portrait session, please contact me.


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