After “2 Dogs and a Boy” I thought I’d challenge myself a bit further, so this crazy, Kent photographer arranged a lifestyle shoot with a fabulous group of mums and babies.

On a beautiful, sunny, Autumn day, I met some mothers from a local NCT (National Childbirth Trust) Group with their six, (and yes, you read that correctly, SIX!) babies, all ages between 6 and 7 months.

We met on a beautiful farm, not far from Ashford in Kent, and walked to the lovely little woods nearby. We must have looked quite the sight loaded up with babies, teddy bears, picnic rugs and camera equipment.

We found a lovely clearing and while the mums sorted out Stanley, Oscar, Jessica, Abir, Lily and Molly, I set up, with the aim of creating one photograph with all of the babies, as well as some individual ones.

We used a picnic rug, with a blanket over it, to keep the babies away from the forest floor, and had a beautiful old suitcase in which we could sit those, less steady whilst sitting.

With varying degrees of ability in sitting unaided, this was quite a challenge, as the babies took turns to fall over or crawl out of shot.

Mums were running everywhere to catch them and sit them back upright and in position.

Several of the babies were fascinated by twigs and leaves, so there were a few mad dashes to take them from little hands before they ending up in mouths.

If anyone had walked through the woods, they would have been greeted by  quite a sight – 6 mothers, 1 dad and a photographer, clapping, waving, singing , making silly noises and jumping around like loons trying to get the babies to smile and look towards the camera.

All in all, everyone had fun and went home happy, but exhausted.

You can see more of my location work in my portfolio. And a selection of my studio work can be found under ClassicThemed or Fine Art If you are interested in a fun photoshoot either on location or in the studio, please contact me. Thanks.



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