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What is a headshot?


A headshot is a portrait that realistically demonstrates a person’s appearance for branding of their business. It can be used by corporations to give the company a voice, and is also used by actors and models to give a true representation of their appearance.

professional headshot Kent Photography by Imelda

Why choose a professionally taken headshot? 

Paying a professional rather than using a phone photo will make your business stand out and look professional, so you can attract the clients you want.

A professional photographer will know how to position you, where to place you in relation to the background and they know how to relax you to capture natural and spontaneous expressions.

You want to be captured in the best light, at the best angel and in a way that shows your personality or business ethos and this is what the professional photographer will do.


Why choose Photography by Imelda?

Imelda is a highly experienced portrait photographer, and winner of the Contemporary Portraiture Image of the Year 2016. With her expertise, you will have a headshot that will show you in your best light as you represent your company or business.

Headshots and model portfolio shoots can be done either on location or in a studio environment depending on the spirit of your business.

Modelling & Actor headshots  can be taken at any age from babies to seniors.

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